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Pivot Calculator

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The financial market is ever changing. One day may be different from the next.With our pivot calculator, you can identify intraday support/resistance levels, helping you to predict market movement and when to enter & exit trades!
It is said that when a price hovers below a pivot or pivot support/resistance and breaks up through it then its a buy signal (or vice versa for a sell signal).
Pivot points are found by a calculation which involves the open,high,low and close for the previous day of any particular stock or index.
FEATURES:*Retrieves latest stock price directly from Yahoo*Has offline option if you have no internet connection (Manual enter into 'Custom' tab)*Save your frequent search in favourites for future 1-click quick refresh of prices*Unlimited Favourites (free version can only save 1 favourite)*choose from various stock exchanges in Options - SGX, NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX.*Minimal permission for installation *Removal of all advertisements
CONTACT:For questions/issues/suggestions, please write to so we can reply you. :) Within the app, go to 'Feedback' under Options to instantly email us.
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PERMISSION EXPLANATION:'Network Access': required for live stock price retrieval over the internet network
***DISCLAIMER***While there is no reason to believe that the calculator is unreliable, no liability is accepted for any errors or inaccuracies. All calculations in this application are based on user inputs and do not reflect any guarantee of earnings, financial savings, tax advantages or otherwise. The app is not intended to provide investments, legal, tax, or accounting advice.
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